What does lemon juice do for your skin?

We all love to have a chilled glass of lemonade during a hot tropical summer. However, lemon juice can be used in a number of different ways other than cooking or making lemonade. Lemon juice has a number of different benefits for your skin. When you start applying lemon juice on your skin and start experimenting it with DIYs you will be able to understand the huge difference. So today, we have taken our time to talk to you about the ways in which lemon juice helps your skin and how you can bring out the most of it’s potential.

What does lemon juice do for your skin

Lemons have always been used for taking care of skin for a very long time. Starting from the ancient times, lemon juice was considered to be something very good. And today in 2017 it hasn’t changed. The importance is still the same.

So are it’s capabilities.


Lighten And Brighten:

Lemons are rich in citric acid and Vitamin C. These help to lighten and brighten your skin. What it does is boosts collagen production in your skin. Which leads to dark spots getting reduced and your skin feeling more younger than it actually is.


Most of us women use makeup on a daily basis. Even though the coverage may depend occasionally. We still do use makeup every day. And taking off these layers of makeup is no easy task. After you have done taking your makeup off using a cleanser mix a couple drops of lemon juice with water and apply it on your face with your skin wipes.

It will make your skin look healthier.

Removing Blackheads:

What does lemon juice do for your skin

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Blackheads are something that irritates us all. It just leaves our face with a very bad impression. People spend hundreds of dollars in beauty salons to remove their blackheads. Whereas they can spend only a few cents to do that. As lemon juice has antibacterial capabilities in them they can not only help to treat acne but remove blackheads and dark spots as well.

Acts As A Natural Exfoliator:

As we mentioned before, lemon juice helps a lot in brightening your skin and taking care of acne and whatnot. However, many may not know this but lemon juice can be used as an exfoliator as well.

All you need to do is apply lemon juice on your face after a hard and rough day. It will make your skin softer and the dead skin is easily peeled off thanks to the antioxidants and antibacterial properties of lemon juice.

However, do not apply lemon juice directly on your skin to make it act as an exfoliator. Cut the lemon in half and dip them in sugar. You can also mix the sugar and lemon juice to create a paste. Apply the paste on your face and leave it for around 15 minutes for the best result.


Other Benefits:

Lemon juice is very beneficial for your skin. In addition, to keep your skin bright and healthy it has some key benefits for your hair as well. Lemon juice works great to cure dandruff. All you need to do is squeeze a lemon and massage the juice on your hair and scalp. The riper the lemon, the better the results.

However, do make sure that you do not apply too much lemon juice on your hair. Because it will end up damaging your hair leaving it dry and frizzy.

Why Use DIYs?

There are a number of different products out there that will surely help you to make your skin look radiant and younger than ever. However, some of these products are extremely expensive to start with. Whereas, even though there are cheaper ones available. They will not be very good and will surely end up damaging your skin.

So it is better safe than sorry. However, DIYs are an excellent and affordable way to take care of your skin and always keep it healthy.

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