Tips for Beauty Vloggers

Being a vlogger and a YouTuber is tough. And add beauty on top of that, it can get pretty tough to manage. Unlike other YouTubers, we always need to be on top of our game without a doubt. Having to wear heavy makeup, trying new skin care products which haven’t been tested, coming in front of the spotlight without any fear can really take a toll on our life. Many of us tend to be organized which adds to all the problems mentioned above. So, today I will be sharing some tips that you could follow to organize your business and explode your YouTube career as a beauty vlogger!

Don’t Be Afraid:

Tips for Beauty Vloggers

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Regardless of where you are in your beauty vlogging career stage, there is one thing most of us are afraid of. And that is being afraid to put forth our face without any touch of makeup. Even when we do makeup tutorials we tend to apply a bit of foundation to hide our natural skin! And this should not be the case. Every human being is beautiful in their natural skin tone. So don’t be afraid to go in front of the camera without any hesitation. People will start loving you more as they will find you to be more original, hence improving your channel subscriber count!


Setup your studio:

Having a sort of a digital nomadic lifestyle can be fun at times. But there is one thing that every beauty vlogger must have. And that is having their own studio in their apartment. Not only will this give you the boost to get up every single day and work but your videos will look much more professional and clean.

Your studio does not have to be very big or very lavish. You can even set up a mini shooting corner in your bedroom if you don’t have the budget. Make sure to soundproof the area to make your videos much more clean with cleaner audio. Having a clean audio is the key, you do not want the outside truck sound to disturb your shoot. Secondly, make sure you have good lighting. Not only will the place be lit but your videos will pop out and look much more aesthetic.

So be sure to get soundproofing material and lighting equipment from an online shop. If you live near a busy room then don’t forget to soundproof your window. You can even use sound deadening drapes to cover it. You don’t have to spend exponentially and can do everything and make the required pieces of equipment yourself using household items. So do make a studio or a shooting spot even if it is in your apartment. Trust me this simple tip will help you growth hack your vlogging career.


Tips for Beauty Vloggers

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This tip might be the most vital tip to growth hack your vlogging career. If you already have an established Youtube channel you might become too comfortable and lazy! Or you might be starting out and don’t have much of a following. You might tend to think what’s the benefit of uploading regularly. In both of the cases, you are wrong! Make sure you make a schedule and upload accordingly. Don’t miss out deadlines for uploading new videos. Publicly announce that you will be uploading X times a week and stick with it.

Announcing it publicly will give you the motivation and you will be accountable to your fellow viewers. Note I mentioned to upload regularly and not daily. There is a fine difference between daily and regularly. As to improve the quality of the video you might take 2 to even 7 days. So upload the number of videos per week what you are comfortable with and capable of without hurting the quality.


When it comes to monetization most of us beauty vlogger tend to think there aren’t many ways! We tend to think that only Youtube ads the only way! If you are someone who thinks similarly, then you are very wrong! You can monetize your channel in multiple ways. If you have a small but very strong following then you can print custom t shirts and sell it to them. If you have a big following then you can partner up with brands and promote their products and services in exchange for an advertising fee. And lastly, if you have very big loyal followers you can you go full entrepreneurial and start your own beauty product line. This route may seem a bit daunting but will bring the most reward financially.

To Conclude:

To  conclude this article what I want to suggest is be true to yourself. YouTube can sometimes take a chunk of your life and you may try to fit in with others within your community. There is no need to change your style in order to fit in. You will be appreciated much more if you are somewhat different and unique than others. I hope you liked this article. And if you did be sure to share it on social media as this might help a struggling beauty vlogger to enhance their career!

  • Updated January 6, 2018
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