A Guide to Natural Makeup & Skin Care

If you have been following us for quite some time now then you might know our stance against usage of makeup. We believe makeup should be used in moderation and not be used excessively due to the drawbacks it comes with.


Follow A Guide to Natural Makeup & Skin Care for Your Beauty

So today we will be taking a look at some of the natural makeup & skin care that you can put on and flaunt your beauty!

Companies that sell products such as makeup and skin care (lotions) products will sell people anything. They do not care what ingredients are in the product, even if they are harmful to your body.

When you place lotion on your skin, it get’s absorbed by your body and bloodstream. The makeup that you are using is also getting sucked into your bloodstream. You need to be careful what products you put on your body and read through the ingredients well.

Some ingredients are known to cause some types of cancer. Some ingredients will not cause cancer but when they are mixed with other ingredients, that’s when it becomes a problem.



If you are a vegan, then you definitely must check out natural make-up. As we all know most of the high-end makeup companies tend to test on animals. Any animal lover should definitely be a consumer of all natural makeup. There are natural types of makeups that you can buy, even online.

Natural Makeup & Skin CareTheir makeup is generally around the same price as makeup produced by Avon and other high-priced companies. You can read about their products at the website listed above but to sum up a long story, their makeup is completely and 100 percent pure from harmful chemicals and other chemicals which will often dry your skin out and give you horrible acne.

You can even go to shops that are local to you. There is a movement going around the world where women are taking a stance against these harsh chemical induced make-ups. So for you to find a store near you that sells all-natural make-up.

Another good place to look for pure makeup is from online shops. They sell more than just your average makeup. They have many different things you can purchase from their website.

I believe that. If you purchase makeup from these websites you will know that you are not putting harmful substances on your skin. Their makeup tends to be very light and will not cake on like most other makeups.

Look it up:

I would recommend looking up ingredients in your current make up and check for safety reasons. Usually, the first ingredient is used the most and the list follows on, with the last ingredient being used the least.

Natural Makeup & Skin Care

You can check and look to see what the ingredients are. Try to choose a makeup which has the fewest amounts of harmful ingredients. This gives you less of a chance of putting harmful chemicals on your body which will make you sick sooner or later.

Before you go to buy any makeup, be it natural or chemical, make sure you know what you are getting into. Do not take any risks with cheap and dangerous makeups from other stores.

If you don’t understand what’s in the ingredients you shouldn’t be using that type of makeup. Also, make sure to remove your makeup while you sleep and reapply in the morning.

  • Updated January 20, 2018
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