How to use an epilator for removing facial hair

Women like to be very clean. Especially when it comes to hair they become tad bit obsessive. They don’t want even a single strand of hair in their body except their head hair and their eye brows.

And most importantly women don’t like to sport a facial hair. In this modern era where every woman go out on a regular basis they don’t want anyone to look at them and see their facial hair.

So they tend to trim or shave their facial hair. But one of the biggest mistakes of removing facial hair they tend to make is using a regular shaver to remove facial hair. Which can result in many skin related problems.

However, using an epilator can ease out the process and can give a smooth and fair looking skin. Some epilators are built to remove only facial hair as they are a bit different than hair on other parts of the body.

Also check out braun face epilator reviews if you want to get hold of your first epilator. So you have got your first epilator (or maybe 10th one) you need to know certain things before using that thing.

Don’t go for cheap epilators:

Even before you think of epilating your face to remove facial hair do not even think of starting without having the right gear. Our faces tend to have very sensitive skin. Using any cheap epilator will not cut out the work rather end up damaging your skin. SO make sure you have the best epilator at your disposal.

Having a good branded epilator will help you a lot. If you compare the good ones with the cheap ones you can find huge differences. Investing in a good branded epilator can be really helpful. As not they will only help you epilate but will also last longer. It is worth a investment!

Clean your epilator:

So the second tip you need to know before epilating your facial hair is cleaning your epilator. This is a vital part of epilating your facial hair. As without a clean epilator you can easily end up hurting your skin. Always make sure to clean your epilator after use to prevent damaging the machine.

Also make sure to clean the epilator before every usage to get rid of any unwanted particles stuck in there. Cleaning your epilator regularly can help you have a smooth epilating experience. And not only that regular cleaning will also mean the epilator will last longer.

Trimming prior to epilating:

This is another tip that should be utilised prior to epilating. If you have not trimmed or shaved your facial hair in a while it is definitely recommended to trim your facial hair before epilating. Even though this step might increase your work but it is definitely worth it.

Trimming your facial hair will shorten the hair which make the epilating process much smoother and easier. Epilating smaller and shorter hair will mean no long thick hair will get stuck up inside the epilator. Trimming before epilating can help you clean your epilator afterwards much more easier.

Avoiding ingrown hair:

If you are someone who has coarser hair then you are likely to face this issue quite often. People with coarser hair tend to face a lot of ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs tend to curl around and go back inside the skin. This thing can look really bad. One of the ways to avoid ingrown hair is trimming before epilator. But along with this another tactic will help you avoid ingrown hair as well.

Exfoliating your skin before epilating your face can help you prevent ingrown hair. You can exfoliate your skins in a number of ways. Make sure to check out ways to exfoliate and choose which one is most suitable for you.

Prepare your skin:

removing facial hairBefore epilating your sensitive facial skin you need to prepare it. There are a number of ways you can prepare you skin for epilating. One of the ways is to wash you face. Try to wash your face with water 30 minutes before epilating.

After washing with normal water soak your face with luke warm water. Soaking your face with luke warm water soften it and ease the epilating process.

Finally start epilating:

After your have trimmed your facial hair. Exfoliated it and also washed it prior to epilating then you are ready to epilate. Take out your epilator and clean it as stated earlier. Turn on your epilator and start removing those nasty facial hair.

Make sure to go slow.

Slowly start epilating in a one way motion.

Don’t the epilator all ways round and round.

Epilate so that the hair are facing downwards as this will also help you avoid in grown hair.

And finally make sure to clean your epilator after use!

  • Updated January 6, 2018
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