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There are as many hair removal treatments and mediums as your imagination can take you. But, almost all of these epilating treatments are temporary resorts. You have to maintain these treatments weeks later or months later regularly. This is because body hairs can be stubborn and almost always grow back following their natural cycle. In a quest for a more long-term or even permanent solution, people have always opted for IPL treatments at dermatologists and top of the line professional.

But, IPL treatment is a prolong affair; it takes several sessions of treatment to shows effects. And the charges of each sessions are insane, to say the least. Responding to increasing demand for affordable IPL, companies like Remington have launched several convenient and at-home IPL devices that give you similar results to professional IPL treatment, for the fraction of the price!

In today’s article, I have come to your rescue with some of the best Remington epilator reviews specializing on IPL as well as some important information and guidelines.

Let’s start!

Benefits of IPL epilators

Before we dive into the advantages, let’s look into IPL itself. IPL or Intense Pulsed Lights is a technology which utilizes a special light and is used by doctors, cosmeticians or medical practitioners to treat various skin conditions. It is very popularly sued to remove hair by heating the hair and its follicles and disrupting its natural cycle. Here are a few benefits:

1. Affordability

Like mentioned before, each IPL session from a professional is going to set you back by hundreds of dollars. Choosing to buy a good IPL device that can be used at home is so much for affordable. You not only get similar results for cheaper, but you also get the comfort of not having to travel, wait for appointments, etc.

This article will show you some of the most affordable and budget-friendly IPL devices and epilators. Stay tuned.

2. Permanent hair reduction

Unlike most epilating systems, IPL treatment can offer you permanent hair reduction. For can go hair-free for 6-7 months after each completed treatment. And permanent result could result to a year or more of hair-free skin! Our Remington epilator reviews will cover both temporary and permanent hair removal systems.


The down side to IPL hair removal is that it will cater to darker skin tones as well as lighter skin tones. This is because IPL technology uses its light to detect the contact of skin color and hair color. The better the contrast, so darker skins with dark hair color often need special attention that generic IPL device may fall short on.

How to get started with your epilator?

1. If you are using an IPL device, always check your skin tone and hair color before considering an IPL treatment. Remember, IPL lasers work through detecting contrast of hair color against the skin. Dark hairs on light skin tones are most preferably. Dark hair on skin tones do not yield much results at all. If you happen to have dark skin and dark hair, which lacks contrast, then mainstream IPL devices may not work for you.

You may require a special IPL device and an assortment of creams or gels to increase efficacy. But, since hair removal on dark skins to a little tricky to do by yourself, I’d recommend you check with a dermatologist first.

Having said that, it is best you consult with a professional prior to doing IPL treatments at home, by yourself; regardless of skin tone.

2. It is very important to have your skin prepped and primed before using any epilator device. If your hairs are too long, then begin by trimming them off just a tad bit.

3. Cleanse, exfoliate and wash the skin you are about to treat for hair removal. Make sure you have no moisturizer, make-up, ointment or whatsoever on the skin. Also steer away from tanning, bleaching or any other skin treatments prior to the removal session. Your skin must be absolutely bare.

4. Refrain from any other epilating procedures days prior to the IPL treatment. This means no tweezing, no waxing, no chemical peels, etc.

5. Always cleanse your skin before starting the epilating treatment. Pat the skin dry.

6. Now this is an optional step, but proves exceptionally useful for first-timer users who are not used to IPL and tweezers epilating yet. Tweezers epilating in particular, can be painful, sometime a little too much for people who have a small threshold for pain. If you want, you could begin the session 10-15 minutes after taking a pain relief oral medical.

7. This part is optional as well. For IPLs, to be on the safe side, you could wear a protective UV resistant eyewear or goggles. But, at-home IPL devices aren’t usually as powerful and intense as you would find in your dermatologist’s clinics, so you can do without it too.

8. Place the window of the hand piece of your IPL device on your skin. Make sure it is absolutely flush to your skin.

9. Treat each square of skin with 3-4 flashes. (Or as recommended by your IPL device)

10. Carry out the treatment 2-3 times a week. (Or as recommended by your IPL device)

Note: In case of IPL treatment, you will not be noticing results immediately. You hairs will falls off a few days or a week after a complete treatment.

Expect immediate results using tweezers epilating.

Buying Guide

Remington Epilator Reviews

1. FDA clearance

All devices should be used after passing through FDA. But, IPL devices use lights that are powerful enough to do some serious damages, if not used or guided properly so you need to be extra careful. FDA cleared devices will always be safer and more reliable as they always have more control settings and is toned down in terms of power and intensity than medical grade ones. Look through our Remington epilator reviews to find FDA cleared IPL epilators.

2. Various power settings

Not everyone can tolerate or is suitable for one and only power setting; it could be non-effective or even painful. So make sure you get a device with multiple power settings so that control the intensity of heat on your skin.

3. Window size on hand piece

Window is the small opening, covered by a glass or quartz cartridge, through which the light is emitted. For more coverage and to get the job done faster, look for one with a wider window. Our Remington epilator reviews comprises of one such epilator, the iLight Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System.

4. Visual and Audio alerts

Getting a device which beeps or lights up to send a message is always more effective in communication with the user. Alerts can help the user understand when the machine is ready for use, or is being over used, overheating, battery juice, etc. This feature not only helps increase the efficiency of the machine, but also makes sure you use it properly with care to make it last those extra years.

Remington Epilator Reviews5. Automatic safety measures

IPL machine have a tendency to overheat sometimes. This is perfectly normal and is often because of the change in temperature of the atmosphere it is in. But, operating and using the device right at that moment is never safe. A device which halts all operations or automatically switches off after it detects any risk is a smart device. All our IPL epilators in the iLight series of our Remington epilator reviews have automatic safety measures.

6. Replacement parts

Whether it is for replacing depleted cartridges or faulty parts, having quick access to parts is so important. Choosing an epilator which has readily available replacement parts will save you a lot of money and sanity. Our picks on the iLight series are loved for this; replacement parts are so easy to find!


Remington epilator reviews


1. Remington iLight Pro Hair Removal System

Let’s begin our list of some of the epilators, with one of the brand’s most comprehensive epilating system, the iLight Pro Hair Removal System.

Remington iLight Pro Hair Removal System

The iLight Pro is one of the best ways to get hairless, smooth and supple skin at your home for the fraction of the price of professional of dermatology lasers. It works by removing the entire hair follicle instead of just the exposed part of the hair, and it does this through its powerful but yet gentle light flashes that is released from its hand piece. The hand piece has a window, through which the light is flashed, that must be held flush to your skin.

The iLight Pro has a skin tone sensor and 5 energy levels or intensities that make sure your skin gets the custom treatment it needs for optimum results.

Each bulb produces 15,000 flashes that will go on for months since you only need 4 flashes for each square skin of skin. With only 2-3 sessions with the iLight Pro, you will achieve hair-free skin that remains its beautiful-self for up to 6 months!


  • The iLight Pro uses ProPulse technology
  • Is FDA cleared and clinically proven to show results after 2-3 treatments


  • Results begin to show a few days after each treatment; no immediate results
  • Cannot be used on the face; not recommended




2. Remington iLight Pro Plus Hair Removal System

The iLight Pro Plus Hair Removal System is the successor for the base model, iLight Pro. While there isn’t much to separate the two, the distinction is still quite dramatic in term of performance, if not features.

Remington iLight Pro Plus Hair Removal System

The iLight Pro Plus uses Remingstons trusted hair removal technology of safe IPL. The pulse lights are flased through the hand piece through its glass cartridge and should be as flush to the skin as possible. It has skin tones sensors and energy levels or settings that the user can choose from to their utmost convenience. It uses the same glass cartridge and allows for 15,000 flashes.

There’s just one thing separating the two, but the difference is massive! The only thing the separates the sequential model from the base is hair removal is temporary and permanency. The iLight Pro Plus removes hair permanently whereas the Pro does a temporary removal.

  • The iLight Pro Plus offers permanent hair removal
  • FDA passed and has been clinically proved to permanently reduce hair growth
  • Offers twice as much flashes as the iLight Pro


  • Results take time to show
  • Can’t be used on the face



3. Remington iLight Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System

This epilator from Remington is the second successor of the Remington iLight Pro Hair Removal System, with some clear and obvious changes and improvements.

Remington iLight Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System

The Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System uses gentle light pulses on your skin to disturb your hair’s natural hair growth cycle. It uses the same principle as the iLight Pro to give you the best output possible without the skin irritations. It uses the same skin tone sensor, energy variation, etc to give your hair removal needs that custom touch, but there are few very useful and convenient distinctions between the Pro Plus Quartz and the Pro Hair removal systems.

The Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System is different from the base model, Pro, in the way that it offers permanent hair removal treatments as opposed to temporary. It has a quartz bulb cartridge and offers you 30,000 flashes whereas the Pro offered just half of it through a glass cartridge.

  • The iLight Pro Plus Quartz offers permanent hair removal
  • Is FDA cleared; safe
  • Offers custom heat energy setting and skin tone sensor
  • Uses a quartz bulb cartridge


  • Cannot be used on the face
  • Works irregularly; patchy hair removal




4. Remington iLight Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System

For your fourth review on the Remington epilator reviews list, we have picked an epilating device that caters to facial hair removal just as well as it does on your body. It is the iLight Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System, the latest and final device from the iLight series.

Remington iLight Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System

The iLight Ultra is bigger and better in all aspects and features in the iLight series from Remington. This device uses the company’s same and trusted technology of using safe flashes to heat the hair follicles and eliminate them over a week after a few treatments, all without harming the skin! But, what is unique to the iLight Ultra is that it does an excellent job on removing hairs on your face as well. Most IPL devices refrain from the face due to safety reasons, but the iLight Ultra has been cleared by the FDA to be perfectly safe for the face as well.

This device gives you 65,000 flashes through the quartz window on it which is 50% larger compared to the previous models on this series; this means more coverage and this, fast hair removal. Speaking of which, with the iLight Ultra you will be seeing permanent hair reductions in only after 3 treatments to as much as 94% which is AMAZING!

  • The iLight Ultra can be used on the face as well as the body; has been FDA cleared for facial use as well
  • Offers permanent hair removal
  • Uses tone and energy settings to custom treat each user


  • Takes about a week for so for the hairs to fall out
  • Not recommended for facial uses on men; facial use on female only


5. Remington Tweezing Hair Removal System

We have had enough of IPLs. Because I want our Remington epilator reviews to cater to consumers of various product-needs and budgets, we will look into something a little more affordable and portable from Remington, the EP7010 Tweezing Hair Removal System.

Remington Tweezing Hair Removal System

The Tweezing Hair Removal System, as the names suggests already, is a tweezer epilator device that uses multiple tweezers to pull out your hairs from its roots. The EP7010 has 2 speed settings to cater to both users with a small pain threshold and expert users. You get clean, polished and hair-free skin that lasts up to 6 weeks after each removal.

The EP7010 is tiny, lightweight, compact and is has been designed with ergonomics in mind; it snuggles right into your fingers and palms. Its wide heads covers a wider area and gets the job done faster. And because it is corded which means you can expect as long working time from it. Perfect alternative for the large, bulky and expensive epilators!

  • The EP7010 is lightweight and compact; great for travel
  • Corded power source gives you longer working time
  • Affordable
  • Offers speed settings


  • Cord limits maneuverability
  • Can be used on dry skin only
  • Not recommended for facial use
  • Gets loud and noisy when it is doing its work



What are some of the more popular areas for IPL treatments?

Answer: You can do IPL treatments pretty much everywhere, although many people refrain doing it on face. The more popular areas would be the facials hairs (side burns), bikini line and back hair.

Will I get the same results from home IPL devices from your Remington epilator reviews that I would from a professional?

Answer: To be very honest, no, you won’t. This is because professional grade IPL machines are way too powerful to be launched as a mainstream product in the market for unsupervised consumer use. Which means: the IPL machines in our reviews are actually not as powerful as profession grade IPLs, all for the sake of safety. Having said that, the amazing devices in our Remington epilator reviews will give you pretty close and similar results with regular and correct use.

With this, it’s a wrap to our Remington epilator class. Hair removal systems are plenty out there, but only a few are truly substantial enough to satisfy both your standard and budget. I hope you have learned new things through the article that we have so carefully put together for you; it is most honest, valid and reliable. Go through our comprehensive Remington epilator reviews to check out some of the best epilators the company has to offer.

Good luck!

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