Oily Skin? No Problem Try These Tips

Every people on earth have different types of skin. Some have dry and flaky skins, and some have oily and greasy skin. Skin type depends on many factors and one of them is hormonal changes. If you are going through puberty, regardless of your gender, then you might have an oily face. Or you might have an oily face if you are stressed or going through pregnancy or menopause.

Some people tend to think that oily skin is a curse. Being out in the sun or even an area with slight heat can mean your beautiful face become greasy. And the worst part is applying makeup only the find it drooling all over the face after an hour or two. Who wants to keep on touching up their make-up every hour?oily skin tips

Just before you do anything or try any of the tips we have to offer today you need to know a couple of things. Inherently oily skin is not a bad thing. Some people complain about having oily skin but they don’t know the troubles and problems people go through with dry and flaky skin.

Some people with dry skin face so many problems. Their skin may become so dry and flaky that they start shedding skin like a snake. So be greatful that you don’t have to face these troubles.


oily skin tips


You don’t want your face to be like a cheap greasy burger, do you? So today we will be taking at some of the most actionable tips to get rid of your oily skin, even if it is for a day. So without any further ado let’s just dive into it.


Clogged Pores:

As stated before having an oily skin is not a problem inherently. But due to having oily skin you may face some troubles. As you have an oily skin it means your face will attract more dust and other particles to your face. Which can end up clogging your pores with dust?

Clogged pores, in simple words, is impurities gathering on your pores which then clogs it. You need to cleanse your facial skin very often to avoid this clogged pore phenomena. You can make simple mixtures and apply it to your face to cleanse it.

Take honey and lemon. Add 70 percent honey and 30 percent of lemon and add few drops of water to the mix to make it consistent.

Then apply that mixture on your face. Massage your way through your whole face and then rinse it off after a couple of minutes or so. This will ensure your face is clean and is free of impurities which will also mean you don’t have clogged pores.

Try to do this at least thrice a week. And do this on a day when you have been out for a long time or just came back from a trip. As being exposed to a lot of dust will clog your pores.



You might be thinking I already have an oily skin why is there a need to moisturize it? Will it not make it much oilier. If you are thinking this then you are completely wrong.

Moisturizing will not leave your skin oily and greasy. Every skin needs to be hydrated. And moisturizing your skin will mean your skin is hydrated. If you moisturize regularly then you will have a soft, smooth and a very healthy skin.

Make sure you pick up a moisturizer that is made for oily skin to avoid your face being overly oiled up. Also if you are really concerned, then check with your dermatologist and get the moisturizer best suited for your skin.

So do moisturize every now and then to hydrate your skin.

oily skin tips


Vitamins and Diet:

At Super Skin Central we are quite vocal about dietary needs. You just cannot have a natural, healthy and beautiful skin without having the proper diet.

And for oily skin, it is the same.

Try to have Vitamin A which will regulate sebum production and as a result improve and speed up your skin tissue repair.

Also, intake zinc supplements as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property. Consume omega 3 fatty acid from natural foods to prevent over-production of sebum. Which will make your skin less oily.

Hope you will get benefit. Cheers!


  • Updated April 9, 2019
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