Intriguing Beauty Tips That You Should Follow

The internet and the beauty magazines are filled with beauty tips. There are so much information about beauty that one becomes over whelmed with knowledge. So today let us sum up some of the most intriguing beauty tips that you definitely should follow.

Make your lipstick last longer:

Isn’t it quite frustrating that you apply your lipstick and half way though the day the lip stick has been smudged off. And then you need to re-apply your lipstick. Sometimes you may not even have enough time to go to the washroom and re-apply it.

So here is a simple trick that will make your lipstick last much longer. This tip is especially useful for those who go out often and tend to stay out for long period of time. After applying your lipstick dry it up with an absorbent material such as a tissue paper. After that lightly apply some translucent powder.

Repeat this process another couple of times. The translucent powder will help the lipstick to settle down. And as a result you can go out and enjoy your day without worrying too much about your lipstick smudging out.

Prevent your sharp razors form rusting:

One of the most harmful ways you can end up cutting your skin is with rusted razors. If you are someone who likes to cleanse away their unwanted skin hair with razors then you definitely know the pain. The cut from rusted razor is no joke. And not only that you might end up getting an infection.

So to prevent your razor from rusting you can use this very simple trick to stop your lovely razors from rusting. After every time you use your razor wash them and dry them up.

After they are dry apply a coat of olive oil all over the blades. This oiled coated razor blades will prevent air getting to it. As a result the blades , which are metal, will not oxidize. This will help your razors from rusting and also you can use them for much longer as a result saving some cash on razors.

However, if you want to stop wasting your money of razors then do check epilators as an alternate of razors for cleansing body hair. Philips makes some nice epilators. Check out Philips epilator reviews to learn more about it.

If you want to keep the skin of your private parts beautiful and tight, check these exercises out.

Avoid using soaps:

It is a well known fact that soaps with high pH can be really bad for your skin. Usage of soap daily can lead to drier skin. Soaps tend to strip our skin off of the natural oil it produces.

So, as a result the skin tends to get much drier. The stripping of this natural oil can lead to flaky or itching skin. Which can irritate your skin.

Women who use soaps daily tend to cover up this drier skin by using more beauty products. Which as a result does more bad to the skin than god. Try to use as less beauty cosmetics as possible. Go natural as this will help your skin in the long term. High pH soaps can also cause acne in your skin as well as inflammation.

So if you are someone who cares for their skin then try to avoid soaps. Now, being said that you must be thinking what should you use instead of skin.

As I stated earlier try to go natural. So ditch the soap and wash your face with olive oil. Yup you read it right olive oil.

Women from centuries has been using olive oil to wash their face. Olive oil will cleanse your skin and moisturise them. This will not only help your skin in many ways but will also oil up your skin.

Olive oil is especially helpful if you have a dry skin. So go on and ditch that soap of yours. Just go natural!

Applying perfume in the wrong places:

If you are someone like me then you just love your perfume.

I like to go out smelling really nice. Smelling nice not only feels good to self but also boosts my self confidence. Smelling good also leaves an impression on the person you are meeting with.

So if, for example, you are going on a job interview try to apply perfume so that the ones interviewing you will remind about you after you leave. And that is due to the fact that they will remember your perfume whenever they think about you. Being said that there is no point in spraying that costly nice smelling perfume if it is not going to last.

If you are applying your perfume in the wrong place then most likely the beautiful smell will run out even before you reach the doors of your interview room. As human beings we are immune to our self smell.

So you will not even realise that your perfume has worn out. Try to apply perfume in the right places. Apply perfume behind your ear lobe and also at the back of your wrist. Then apply some more to the back of your knees as well as at the base of your throat.

This will make sure that your perfume lasts longer!

  • Updated September 28, 2018
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