How to Clean a Dirty Epilator?

Nowadays, it is already a given thing that removing unwanted hairs on the different parts of our body is not really that much of a problem anymore. Thanks to our amazing technology and genius inventors, we now have the tweezers, razor, hair removing wax, and most especially the big hit lately – the epilators if you don’t know what it is read more on what is an epilator.

Surely, using the epilator helps us maintain the flawless appearance of our skin. However, we might end up thinking that we don’t need to clean our epilators anymore. Now, that would be a big mistake. You see, just like our skin and body which need to be maintained, epilators need maintenance too! Why do I need to clean and maintain my epilator? Check out braun face epilator reviews to know more about epilators.

If ever you are neglecting the fact that you have to clean your dirty and messy epilator, here are some of the reasons which would change your mind:

To prevent skin irritation:

How to Clean a Dirty Epilator

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I’m sure you have already tried using razor before, so you should already know how dirt, dust particles, oil, together with some sweat, and especially some hairs get stuck in it. That is what would pretty much happen to the epilator you will use; particles will get stuck in the epilator too. Now, all of these stuck particles, if not removed from your epilator, can give you some rashes and skin irritations if you would be using the unclean epilator.

Therefore, cleaning your dirty epilator means avoiding and preventing the chances of getting skin irritation.

To prevent skin infection:

As mentioned earlier, using your epilator can cause different particles to be stuck in it. And with all of the dirty stuff sticking in your epilator, it is not a wonder why bacteria could inhibit itself in it. And if you are going to use your epilator without even cleaning it and without removing the dust, hairs, and sweat in it, you might eventually end up with skin infection.

What are the materials you would need in order to clean a dirty epilator?

After deciding to finally clean up your dirty epilator, here are the things which you would need:

Usually, the epilator have a free small brush with soft bristles, together with its package, so you can of course use that brush. However, if you lost that free brush, you can also use an old toothbrush as an alternative tool to use for cleaning your epilator. You will be using the brush in removing the hairs stuck in the epilator. Cotton balls or clean cloth.

Usually, cotton balls are used for cleaning the epilator, but if in case you do not have the said materials, you can also use a clean piece of cloth.

As what was said earlier, unclean epilators can cause infections and skin irritations. That is why you will need to use rubbing alcohol to remove the bacteria which could be on the epilator. But if you do not have alcohol in your house, you can also use sanitizer. Facial cleanser can also do the trick in cleaning the epilator. What are the steps in cleaning a dirty epilator?


Here are the steps which you need to do when it comes to cleaning a dirty epilator:

Of course the first thing you need to do before cleaning the dirty epilator is to turn it off. Never EVER try cleaning an epilator while it is still on, or else you might end up hurting yourself. Also, do not forget to disconnect and remove the epilator from the power source, or in simpler terms, always unplug the epilator before cleaning it.

Usually, epilators have removable head parts. So, in cleaning your epilator, you will need to remove the head attachment of the epilator, because the head part is the one which you will be cleaning. Take note though that every brand and model of epilators has different dismantling methods, so it would be best for you to read the instruction manual of the epilator before doing the dismantling process.

Brush the head of the epilator

After removing the head attachment of the epilator, the next thing you must to is to brush the head using the brush with soft bristles as mentioned earlier. Brushing the head must be done in order to remove the excess hairs which got stuck on the head.

Rinse the head of the epilator

The next step would be to rinse the head of your epilator with running water. You see, there are actually chances in which some hair follicles might still be stuck on the epilator, so in order to remove them, rinsing with running water would be a big help. If you can still see some hairs stuck on the epilator’s head, you can also soak the head in a small container or bowl which is filled with soapy water.

Rub the head of the epilator with alcohol

We already talked about how the dirt, hair and other particles stuck on the head of your epilator can cause skin irritations, skin allergies, etc to you. Now in order to avoid the said skin irregularities, you will need to clean your epilator using a rubbing alcohol. Pour some amount of the alcohol to the cotton balls you have prepared. Then, rub the cotton balls with alcohol to the head of the epilator. Wipe the epilator until you cannot see any stuck particles anymore.

Dry the head of the epilator

After making sure that your epilator is already clean, you will now need to dry the epilator’s head. First, shake the epilator’s head so that excess water would be removed. The next step would be to pat the head dry using a dry towel.

Attach the epilator’s head

After removing all of the dirt, hairs, and other unwanted particles stuck on your epilators head, and drying it, you can now put back the head of the epilator to its body. Before attaching the head back to its body, you should might as well read the instructions on the user’s manual first to avoid committing errors which might damage the epilator.

After attaching the newly cleaned head of the epilator, your epilator is now ready for use once again!

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