DIY Remedies for Flawless Skin in 30 Days

Because our skin can absorb up to 80% of what we put on it, the skin care formulas and remedies offered here are not only beauty aids but true skin healing tonics. These potent formulas produce dramatic visible results within a few days of consistent application and maintain skin health in the long term.

The formulas recommended here are made extraordinarily effective by their truly remarkable ingredients. An investment in your skincare ingredients will ensure you are truly healing and nourishing your skin with the best possible skincare products available.

Because your products are for personal use there are absolutely NO toxins involved as there is no need for preservatives to extend the shelf life of your remedies beyond their natural span (approximately one year if kept clean and out of direct sunlight).

Furthermore, because you are purchasing your ingredients directly from the supplier you are paying pennies on the dollar for the same ingredients used in the highest range cosmetic products!

Throw cosmetics, Take essential oil which the best benefit your skin

Let’s take a look at some of these miracle ingredients to see which may best benefit your skin.

Please keep in mind that each of these ingredients will

1. Be used in numerous formulas.

2. Last at least one year if stored in clean containers and out of direct sunlight.

3. Yield superior results compared to even the most expensive skin care products, while saving you tons of money in the long run.

I consider any investment made into formula ingredients to be an investment in 12 months of skincare, because the formulas once blended, if properly stored, will maintain optimal potency for that length of time. 

Essential Oils

The oils suggested below are the purest quality medicinal grade oils available. Incorporating these oils into your formulas produces visible results on contact so you know it’s working! 

Age-Reversing Miracle Essential Oils

White Rose Otto: There is simply no comparison between the benefits of this oil and just about any other beauty care ingredient.

This is the queen of oils providing the coveted instant pop for bright youthful glowing skin while offering superb skin healing properties which truly reverse the clock and bring it to a grinding halt.

A coveted anti-aging tonic, this oil visibly tones and tightens the skin on application. This is priced at a premium even at wholesale pricing, however if you have to choose between all of the other oils combined and a vial of this precious elixir, purchase the White Rose Otto because blending this oil with any organic carrier oil will deliver incredible results. 

No other oil compares.

Geranium: Fantastic for balancing hormonal issues which may be presenting through the skin as well as keeping the skin soft, smooth and toned. Geranium oil is rather unique in that it is moisturizing, soothing and gentle but also incredibly effective.

I suggest adding Geranium to all skincare formulas because it is inexpensive, effective and contributes a unique skin calming and softening attribute to the formulas. 

Helichrysum: The immortal flower, known in folk medicine as Immortelle or everlasting flower. One of the most potent anti-aging skincare formulation ingredients, this flower’s claims to fame as a fountain of youth are widespread and well rooted.

Helichrysum oil is a superb topical antioxidant and is revered as a tonic to prevent the aging of the skin, heal scarring, erase age spots and discoloration and prevent the degradation of skin texture due to oxidative stress.

Rich in flavonoids, ketones, and terpenes Helichrysum serves as a fantastic anti-microbial, highly effective at neutralizing acne-causing bacteria. For anti-aging formulations and remedies to heal acne prone skin, this oil is a must. 

Neroli: A premium oil which yields impressive results. Neroli oil is a coveted key ingredient in high end anti-aging skincare products because it is truly superb at supporting skin elasticity and reducing the depth and overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Neroli increases cellular turnover to support the production of healthy fresh skin cells. Neroli is also an astringent and very effective at healing acne. 

Palmarosa: This unique oil regulates and preserves skin moisture levels and balances sebum (oil) production making it perfect for both dry and oily skin. Palmarosa also supports cell renewal though, in my opinion, its prime benefit is that it is uniquely effective at preserving the moisture barrier and keeping the skin plump and hydrated.

This is an excellent acne healing ingredient if your breakouts are caused by excessively oily skin.

Carrot Seed Oil: This potent essential oil is made from an herb, not your garden variety carrot. Highly recommended for mature skin, this oil is one of the best possible restorative remedies and is one of the most widely used oils for breathing life back into dull listless skin and restoring elasticity.

Carrot Seed oil has a high Vitamin C and Vitamin E content and is an excellent antioxidant. 

Tea Tree: A gentle and effective oil which neutralizes the cause of acne. Perfect for cleansing acne prone skin. 

Tips and Tricks

If you get just one oil, splurge on the White Rose Otto. Nothing else I have ever tried comes anywhere close!  

Two other must have oils, in my opinion, are Helichrysum and Frankincense. If budget permits, I highly recommend getting all of the above as these are the main constituents for the Magic Eraser serum formulas we will look at shortly.

If on a budget constraint, do invest in the White Rose Otto, the Helichrysum and Frankincense oils as these are miraculously effective in and of themselves. 

Acne Healing Essential Oils

The above listed essential oils are some of the best possible acne healing oils available and while the above will do the trick to heal acne over time, for lightning speed results try incorporating one of the three miraculous acne healing essential oils suggested below. 

Blue Essential Oils are the superheroes of the acne killing arsenal. These oils knock out acne, fast!

  • Blue Tansey (Moroccan Blue Chamomile)
  • Blue Yarrow
  • Blue Cypress

The above essential oils yield a gorgeous deep blue during the distillation process and while these offer different medicinal constituents they share common properties and are truly the fastest way to heal acne. I am partial to Blue Tansey.

If you choose to use this HIGHLY POTENT essential oil, please source the best quality pure Blue Tansey in order to get the full benefits.  

Adding just a few drops to your formulas quite literally produces a visible reaction almost immediately, reducing redness, calming the skin, reducing oiliness, and visibly reducing break out spots. Another awesome commonality among these ‘blue oils’ is their uncanny ability to heal wounds and scars.

So using these to treat acne means you not only getting rid of breakouts, but you’ll be rid of scarring or marks as well. 

I recommend Organic Infusions Blue Tansey oil. Don’t be put off by the price, this oil comes at a premium because it works and because you need so little of it (best at 5% of total formula, so less than 30 drops per ounce of formula is all you need for major results and a 6-12 month supply of super potent acne healing serum.

Myrtle: This oil is very inexpensive and can be applied directly to the skin to spot treat breakouts and to stop breakouts in their tracks by applying preventatively at the earliest signs of irritation. 

Clary Sage: Lastly, it’s worth a mention that Clary Sage is not only a fantastic detoxifying oil, it is also one of the most effective acne healing oils around because this skin soothing anti-bacterial oil is fantastic at regulating oil production.

Clary Sage simultaneously does both, knocks out the acne causing bacteria trapped in the excess oils clogging your pores, and curbs the excessive oil production which may be causing these issues in the first place.

Carrier Oils 

Carrier oils are oils which are safe to apply directly to the skin and tend to be rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. High quality pure essential oils are highly concentrated medicinal constituents and other than a few exceptions cause irritation or even burns when applied directly to the skin.

Carrier oils are used to deliver your essential oil formulas to your skin. The fascinating thing about carrier oils is that they are all incredibly different. Some are lightweight and dry, disappearing into the skin on contact and delivering your essential oils formula deep into the subdermal layers, others are ultra nourishing and create a moisture barrier on the skin which allows your essential oil formula to work on the outer layer of the skin.

Some oils offer fantastic SPF protection while others are a superb source of wrinkle busting Retinol and Vitamin E but may cause photosensitivity. There is an infinite number of medicinal properties in carrier oils and it is critical to choose the right ones for your skin.

After much research, trial and error as well as fairly extensive testing on various skin types, I feel confident recommending the following amazing carrier oils for age-reversing and acne-healing formulas. 

Anti-Aging Carrier Oils

These particular oils are the best at keeping skin youthful, plump and wrinkle free. 

Marula Oil: This is by far my favorite carrier oil because it disappears on contact while delivering your healing essential oil formula deep into the subdermal layers to really heal the skin from the inside out.

This oil is perfect for day wear because it is invisible and weightless but makes the skin glow and feel soft without any oily residue. Marula oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids and is a fantastic choice for anti-aging formulas as well as healing acne. 

Rosehip Oil: Is a vitamin rich oil made from cold pressed rose hips, which is very high in healing vitamins A (retinol) C  and K. This oil is quite unique in that it’s one of the best and most effective oils for healing scar tissue  as it rapidly promotes cell turnover.

This means it works to erase any wrinkles, lining or creasing on our skin as well as any scarring in general such as stretch marks, acne marks, etc. 

Pomegranate Oil: Pomegranate oil has long been a coveted ingredient in high end anti-aging cosmetic products. This oil offers a number of unique properties but its true claim to fame is that it is high in Omega-5 Punicic Acid and stimulates the regeneration of keratinocytes, the cells which form about 90% of our epidermal layer (the outer layer of the skin).

This oil is a miracle worker for reversing the signs of aging as it works on the very outer layers of the skin to produce visible results very quickly. Pomegranate oil is also healthy for air frying.

Evening Primrose Oil: This is a must-have oil for mature skin or if Rosacea and inflammation are an issue. This oil truly helps to turn back the clock, soothe irritated skin, smooth skin texture, unclog pores and treat adult acne, promote elasticity as well as minimize and, more importantly, prevent lines and wrinkles. 

Red Raspberry Oil: Red Raspberry Seed Oil is a spectacular dry oil which is considered to have an impressive SPF of 28-50.

Because this oil is also incredibly high in essential fatty acids making it a fantastic anti-aging oil which absorbs instantly without leaving a trace on the skin, this is a perfect oil for day wear and light UVA and UVB protection.

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