Braun Face Epilator Reviews: 5 Units To Take Your Care

For the ladies out there, facial hairs are more annoying than they are embarrassing and awkward. But, honestly, there is nothing to be ashamed about it; it is perfectly natural! Having said that, what’s not so normal is getting rid of them the way men do: with shaving blades.

Just no.

Try an epilator instead! It is far more superior to blades which can irritate your facial skin, and ingrown hairs and cuts are extras! Epilators leave no hair behind, it leaves the skin feeling baby-bum smooth and is gives you no nasty cuts, no inconsistency and no such drama. It is about time you left the prehistoric practice of shaving your face with blades and moved on epilators.

And in this article, I am here to help you make the transition with an amazing array of Braun face epilator reviews. You will also be let in on the how to’s, the do’s and don’t’s of epilators other than just the Braun face epilator reviews. Let’s begin looking into how an epilator does what it does.


1. Performance and Results

If there’s any reason that we are even doing an article on epilators, it is because it does its job darn well. Epilators can do several things that other forms of hair removal or epilating can’t. But one very key distinction in an epilating device is that an epilating device pulls out your unwanted hairs right from the root, even the smallest hairs that go unnoticed and forgiven by!

This means no half-cut hairs that leave behind a prickly and thorny feel to the touch; only baby-bum smoothness that leaves your skin looking clean, polished and ready for summer!

2. Safer

Epilators are designed to yank out your hair, so there are no sharp blades, no skin-melting chemicals or other deadly stuff that are after your life. You also have no risks of cuts or scratches from the rotating tweezers since they are almost never in contact with your skin at all, unlike all the hair removal mediums.

3. Variation and Style

Epilators offer you so many things you can do with your hair starting from uniform trimming for the flush brows, precision picking for shaping the hairline, brows, etc. We will come to it with more elaboration on our Braun face epilator reviews later. This reminds me, just because we are reading through for epilators for face does not mean they can’t be used else.

Epilators are widely used on faces because they are far safer and more effective here but you can use them on your legs, arms, back and pretty anywhere you want your hair removed.

4. Economic and Smart purchase

Yes, it will cost you a little more than a blade or cream or wax strips, but it is an investment and you will get your every penny’s worth as these things last you a good 2-3 years, depending on brand and quality. Epilators are also lightweight and most happen to be water resistant or waterproof too, so durability won’t be an issue. Most epilators run on batteries, so you will be a good hour or two of working time. And don’t you worry; you will find a handful of such epilators on our Braun face epilator reviews!

5. Re-growth rate

An epilator has an upper hand on this aspect as well. Unlike traditional removal mediums where you see your hairs growing back only a few days after you had them removed, an epilator hair removal ensures that re-growth does not occur for at least 2-3 weeks after your last session. Easy, fast and long-lasting results.

6. Hair growth prevention and hair thinning

This is probably one of the best aspects of hair removal through an epilator: it prevents thick grisly hair re-growth. This means over the span of a few months or a year or two, you will actually notice your hair growth rate has dropped significantly. And the ones that do grow are thinner than before. That’s a reason enough for most buyers!


First, hair removals by an epilating device is, well, very painful to say the least. While you do get used to it over time, the first few times will hurt when the tweezers yank out your hair. Ouch! The second problem is ingrown hair and breakout. The sudden irritation and pain often triggers skin problems like acne, pimples and ingrown hair if you have really, really sensitive skin.

Usage Instructions

  • Prep your face (or any area you want to shave) by trimming off just a little of the initial length of the hairs a day before. This is because epilators work best when the hair is small and a few millimeters thin. Long and lush hair will interfere with the tweezers and get tangled.
  • Exfoliate your skin to get rid of the cell skin cells.
  • Start epilating for the bottom up, and do not push the head too hard onto your skin.
  • Epilating can be painful initially and could leave the skin all red and irritated, so always be sure to use a moisturizer (preferably aloe based as it is cool in nature) to soothe and calm down the skin.
  • Clean the epilator by running it under warm water (if it is water proof) or wiping it with rubbing alcohol.

What to look for in an epilator?

1. Tweezers

Tweezers are what makes the device, so having a good idea on tweezers before purchase is a smart move. Ideally, you want more tweezers on the rotating head. This is because the higher the number of tweezers, the more hair it will pull out. Eventually, this leads to a quicker hair removal but could increase the pain level as well.

2. A wide Head

The wider the head of the epilator device, the more area it will cover. Gets the job done fast that‘s all. Also look out for a head that is contoured to epilate curvy and dimensional areas like your cheeks, brow bone, underarms, knees, etc.

3. Wet VS. Dry

Epilators can in used only under dry conditions; on dry and dry hair. They also come with wet or waterproof ability so that that you epilate in the bathroom or while you bath. But wet epilators are more preferred since the warm water opens up pores and minimizes pain. Our Braun face epilator reviews will cover both kinds very soon.

4. Corded or cordless

Most epilators today, and most picks in our Braun face epilator reviews, are cordless. The reason is simple: it is convenient. Cordless epilators may have a cord for you to charge them with, but run on batteries and does not need a constant electric power source. These are great for travel and remote use.

Corded epilators need a constant power source attached to it in order to work, which is a tad bit annoying, but best thing about these epilators are that they can be used and run for hours at a time and much longer than a cordless epilator.

5. Attachments

Like I previously informed you, an epilator has the ability to various cuts and styles to your hair. The attachments always almost include various heads that let you trim, precise pluck, and so on. Very versatile.

6. Speed settings

Speeds settings are absolutely fantastic. It serves to people who have a low pain threshold and the one whose train is about to leave. The lower speed setting is great for beginner users since it plucks out the hairs just slowly enough that you don’t scream out in agony. The fast setting is for the brave at heart and the ones who are used to the epilating sensation who just want to get it over with, fast.

7. Lighting

The most well-designed and thoughtful epilators come with a light that lets you see the small, pesky, blind-to-the-eyes kind of hairs that get away too often.

8. Warranty

Now, if you are buying a high-quality epilator for a good price, then it is only normal that you expect it to last its time. For all those mishaps and unseen troubles like damages, false claims, health hazards and all, I recommend you look for a warranty that will cover for it.

Braun face epilator reviews


1. Braun Silk-epil 9

Let’s start our Braun face epilator reviews with an epilator that is all but basic, the Silk-epil 9.The Silk-epil 9 has a 40% wider epilating head than all the previous Braun epilating heads. This mows through your hair faster by covering a wider area.

But what so unique to the Silk-epil 9 is that it uses tweezers that are wider, longer and deeper than most heads and are able remove hair with unparallel precision. In fact, it will get hairs 4 times as tiny that wax seems to miss on; leaving your skin smooth and flawless for up to 4 weeks!

Braun Silk-epil 9

This epilator uses pulsating vibration for comfort and has a pivoting head to contour to the curvature of your skin. The Silk-epil 9 is cordless, has speed settings and can be used both wet and dry which is great, and it has been specifically designed to tackle hair of both men and women; great if you don’t want to buy a million different products for everyone at home. It also has a smart light to hunt out the hiding hairs.


  • The Silk-epil 9 comes with an entire army of hair removal solution; 7 attachment head plus a bonus facial brish
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Can be used both wet and dry
  • Wider head cover a wider area; faster hair removal
  • Advanced tweezer mechanism gets to even the smallest hair
  • Has a light
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty


  • Has a low working time of 40 minutes after an hour of charge
  • Consumers has complained of ingrown hairs after using this

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2. Braun Silk-epil 9 Skin Spa

Our second pick for the Braun face epilator reviews is also a Silk-epil 9, but with a twist. The silk-epil 9 Skin Spa from Braun is exactly what is says it is: your very own spa system a home! It is a 2 in 1 epilator slash exfoliation system that offers you all the salon services at.

Braun Silk-epil 9 Skin Spa

The Skin Spa has a advanced Microgrip tweezers technology that has been innovated with smart geometrical systems to make your no hair goes unnoticed; even the smallest and thinnest of hair, 0.5 mm long, aren’t safe from the Skin Spa’s tweezers. Your skin is left feeling bump-less, smooth and plain for up to 4 weeks! The Silk-epil 9 series all boast a wider head, 40% wider, than kits previous models and this makes sure that the tweezers cover more area at once and the hairs are removed faster.

The Skin Spa can is cordless and be used both wet and dry. You have speed settings, smartlight and a shave head, trimmer head and massage head and 3 other head attachments.


  • Includes a high quality exfoliating brush
  • The epilator uses Microgrip tweezers technology for the most effective hair removal
  • Has a wide head for more coverage
  • Has a light
  • Include various useful heads attachments


  • Working time of 40 minutes; tough for beginners to get the work done in such a short time

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3. Braun silk-epil 7

The Braun silk-epil series is something that cannot be overlooked without being admired, and here we are with this series again with the silk-epil 7. It is a great alternative, just in case you’d like to downgrade a notch from the epil 9.

Braun silk-epil 7

The silk-epil 7 is a device that has been specially designed on work on small and thin hairs. It had 40 competent tweezers that scour out these smart hidden hairs and rips them out to leave your skin feeling like butter for up to a month! It is cordless and can be used for on both wet and dry conditions; however, it gives you the optimum results with wet use. The silk epil 7 comes with 6 attachment heads for various results and outcomes, like shaving, trimming and even has a massaging head.

The silk-epil 7 has a pivoting head to echo your skin’s curves and bumps. It also has a smartlight to seek out the smallest of hairs.


  • The Silk-epil 7 comes with a 6 useful head attachments for various types of hair-works
  • It works on the smallest of hairs; 0.5 mm long
  • Can be used both wet and dry, but has been recommended for wet use for best results
  • Delicate enough to double as a bikini trimmer


  • Made with poor quality components that don’t promise a long life span
  • Makes a very annoying noise when it is on use

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4. Braun Xpressive Body System

Now, finally far from the Silk-epil series, let’s look into Braun’s Xpressive Body System.

Braun Xpressive Body System

The Xpressive Body System is a rechargeable epilator that can be used both wet and dry. It has a 40-tweezers head that make sure no hair goes unnoticed; even the smallest ones.

What’s very unique to the Xpressive Body System is that it uses a hairlift system which lifts and loosens the skin while epilating for a more thorough remove, leaving you good for up to a month. The Xpressive Body System also massages your skin to reduce the pain sensation, a pivoting head for contoured epilating, a smart light, and comes with 2 attachment head for shaving and trimming.

The Xpressive Body System is fully washable and has a working time of 40 minutes and comes to you all organized and put-together in a pouch along with a cleaning brush!


  • Uses a hairlift system which make epilating very efficient and effective
  • Uses a pivoting head that compliment curvy areas
  • 40 tweezers do the best to get the job done faster and better
  • Can be washed under water directly


  • The Xpressive Body System uses a UK adapter; you will have to get a US adapter to get it running
  • Has a very short life span

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5. Braun face 820

For our final pick on the Braun face epilator reviews, we have something a little bit more affordable and basic for you. It is the Braun 820 mini face epilator.

Braun face 820

The Braun 820 mini face epilator plus a cleansing brush. The epilator has 10 small opening that pick out even the smallest of hairs, 0.2 mm long! The cleansing brush does an excellent job cleaning your face thoroughly too by going pore-deep into your skin.

The Braun 820 mini face epilator is small and compact, making it ideal for travel and carrying around with you all day.

It works on batteries and comes with an extra brush refill.


  • Epilates and cleanses
  • Compact; great for travel


  • Has a very short working time
  • Has a short life span
  • Lacks precision trimming

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1. How do most epilators recommend being used in the bathe (wet) even though it is rated both dry and wet?

Answer: Well, when your skin comes in contact with water, warm water specifically, your dead skin layer loosens up which makes exfoliating a breeze. Also, since the warmth opens up your pores the hair follicles are rendered more exposed making epilating easier and less painful.

2. Should I share my epilator with someone else?

Answer: No! Absolutely not. Epilators, blades, etc should be used on one person only, since these things can transmit diseases like herpes, HPVs, skin infections, etc. Always make sure you take great care about cleaning your epilator after each use. Run it under hot water if it is waterproof. If not, wipe the metal components with rubbing alcohol or any disinfectant you have around.

This marks an end to our Braun face epilator search. Our Braun face epilator reviews are honest, legit and very reliable, so you will never have to worry about validation and verification. Through the Braun face epilator reviews, you will find yourself some great gems that will cater you your every hair removal needs. I hope you have enjoyed spending time with us and learning a thing or two through the article.

Now, that you are all prepared, it’s about time you get yourself summer-ready. Good luck!

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