Best Foundation For Deep Acne Scars – Before You Buy!

There are very few people who can say that they haven’t experienced acne in their lifetime. Many few people are that lucky. However, for the average regular women, it is very crucial to get the best foundation for deep acne scars. Now you may ask why I am giving so much importance to some piece of random makeup product. Aren’t they supposed to harm your skin?best foundation for deep acne scars

Well, not really. Makeups and foundations will never ruin your skin if you use the right ones and only the ones that suit your skin type and needs.

Coming back to acne. Acne has always gathered everyone’s hate from teenage years. However, even though the rate of acne falls within time, it is the scars that leave a bad impression. Some of these are very arrogant and tend to never erase out.

Foundation Rescue:

This is where having the best foundation for deep acne scars will help you a great deal. With the use of a good foundation, you will not only be able to hide all those acne scars of yours. But also look glam and gorgeous. So let’s check a few of them out.


Reviews Of The Best Foundation For Deep Acne Scars:


1.Dermablend blurring mousse camo foundation:

As we mentioned before, foundations can be used in multiple ways and techniques to cover acne scars. However, owning a good one is crucial.

best foundation for deep acne scarsMany women tend to ignore this. But the formulation of a foundation is immensely crucial as well. For example, if it s too heavy and you have acne prone skin. Then it can surely suffocate pores and breakouts may occur.

However, that is absolutely not the case with this one. The Dermablend blurring mousse camo foundation will surely be very smooth on your skin.

Coming to the coverage, it will provide you a very fresh one. It has a very mousse like feel to it. This unique type of texture helps in filling in uneven pores and also cover acne scars. If you are worried about whether it will suit your skin tone or not. Then don’t be. Because the foundation takes into account both skin tone and also texture. So that you experience a glowing and gorgeous skin.



2. MAC Face/Body Foundation:

MAC has always been very well known and reputed in the makeup industry. All of their products are excellent and this one leaves no foundation for deep acne scars
The instant thing that you will notice about this foundation is its consistency. You may feel a bit weird at first. Because it is not very creamy. Rather it is very light and watery. This is good as it helps a lot in covering scars. As it is very smooth and lightweight, the application of the product is super easy.

If your skin is naturally very good. And you are just looking for a good enough foundation to cover those acne scars, then this can surely be the right one.



3.L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation:

It is safe to say that the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation is one of the best foundation for deep acne scars. Looking at the price point you may not be able to tell that. As it is so affordable. However, there is a lot more to it than the cheap foundation for deep acne scars
If you have used a lot of foundations before, you will know that most of them are not that good at covering acne scars. However, that is not the case with this one. We tested it and it worked extremely well. It is more suitable for all skin types as it gives a very matte finish. In addition, it also blends very well into the skin. Giving you a very natural finish.

However, while testing out we found a slight problem with it. And that is it doesn’t go very well if you have very light colored skin. As this foundation is not the lightest one out there. Nonetheless, it is a personal taste and preference. Other than that, it is an excellent product.



4.Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer:

High-quality makeup products and foundations are often priced a bit higher than normal. So as you will be spending so much of your hard earned money on something, you would want the investment to be worth it. If you are thinking like that then the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer will be the best option for you.

best foundation for deep acne scars
As it is a foundation and also a concealer both. You will be able to cover the acne scars as well as get the matte and natural look of a foundation. It is lightweight, covers every clogging pore and most importantly will last you all day. No matter what the weather conditions might be, it will last, you will feel comfortable and look glam at all times.

One thing that we would like to mention beforehand is that when you use this for the first time you may think that it is too dark. But the thing is because of pigment level, shades often appear deeper than what they actually are.



5.Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation:

Premium makeup products have always been in discussion of heated debates. However, if you are looking to spend a bit on the best foundation for deep acne scars then we would suggest you get a good foundation. And that is the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation.

best foundation for deep acne scars
If we are talking about foundations with super matte finishes, then this has to be the king of them all. When you first apply it you will feel it as a bit wet. But later on, it sets down to a powdery finish. Now you may ask the million dollar question of why it is so expensive.

Well, that is because of the high-end ingredients used here. It is infused with cashmere kaolinite clay. This helps it to work both as an oil absorber as well as a full coverage foundation. So you will surely be getting more than what you pay for. It has 16 different shades. Choose the one that you think will suit you the best.



6.Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup:

If you would call something as an iconic foundation then this has to be the one. It is that basic and that simple. It is lightweight, oil free and gives medium to full coverage. That’s all.

best foundation for deep acne scars
However, there is much more to it than that. You see high coverage foundations often have a bad reputation of going very thick. This does not. As it has a silicone base, it blends extremely well. If you use a brush while applying this then you will get a full coverage and easily cover all acne scars.

The finish of this foundation is very realistic. That is very matte and natural.


Makeup And Woman:

We women love makeup there is no doubt about that. There isn’t also any doubt about the fact that makeup makes us feel more confident in the things we do. However, in addition to makeup, we must also realize that we need to stay confident and strong at life’s every phase.

Being a woman surely isn’t easy. No matter what life brings at you stay strong, don’t panic and fight it.

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