Best Epilator For Face: Let’s Solve Your Epilator Confusions Right NOW

Hair epilating is not a foreign practice. But, even today, many people tend to resort to the primitive way with sharp razors and blades, which is a little silly if you ask me since there are SO many better options out there. Unless you prefer cut and scratches, bumps and prickly skin, you should move on to tweezing epilators. This type of epilators is fast, precise and consistent, making it one of the best.

Because it is very distinctive of tweezing epilators to pulls out hairs from the roots; you are left with hair-free skin for several weeks at a time! They come manual and electric, cordless and corded, and offer so much more versatility. Why would you want anything else at all?

In our article today, we raid out the best epilator along with many other similar choices. We will cover their pros, cons, features and all the rest of the details so that at the end of the article, you can go home picking the Best epilator for face.

Benefits of using an epilator

1. Thorough removal
Shaving hairs gets rid of the exposed half of hairs, but that is pretty much it. To make matters worse, this leads to awkward stubbles and a prickly feel; and nobody wants to feel like a spiky spider! Epilators take out hairs right from the roots. This means you have no hair residue left behind; giving to a much smoother, softer and consistent finish. 2. Grace period
We all know the drill: cream and shave on Monday, hair’s back on Tuesday. Shaving and cream removals just can’t do what epilators can. The former mediums may get the job done, but you won’t be able to enjoy the “hairless-ness” for long. And this is all because of the hair’s natural cycle. But with an epilator, which yanks out the hairs from its very root, your hair resists growing back so fast. In fact, you will be able to flaunt your skin for up to a month or more without any touch-ups!

3. Reduced hair growth and increased thinning
Ever noticed how your hair grows back faster, thick and grislier after a shave? While, there aren’t many scientific studies to back this, many people still feel blades and shaving promotes hair growth. With epilators, it is miles different. After a long period of regular and consistent epilating, you will actually notice your hair growth has dropped significantly; people have also noticed hair thinning too. Sounds too good to be true? Well, you will be glad to know that epilators are clinically proven to reduce hair growth and cause hair thinning. Win-win!

4. Cost
One of the best things about epilators is that they aren’t necessarily the most expensive of devices or tools. Well, yes, they may cost a tad bit more than a blade or shave but it is good to remember that these things last you a very long time. You get every worth of your penny you spend on it. And let’s not forget how much epilators save you on salon hair removals, creams and waxing. It is truly the most economic and affordable way to achieve beautiful, hair-free skin without breaking the bank.


The excellent, high quality results of epilators comes for a price. First, epilating is a painful process, and I mean, extremely painful. But, this pain will bother you only the first few times. After a few sessions, your skin will very much get used to it.

Second, epilators could mean a gateway to ingrown hairs if you are not careful with how you use it. Always exfoliate you skin prior to epilating, and make sure you never push the head too hard against your skin.

How to use epilators?

1. If you wish to get the best possible results from your epilator, then you could use a little extra preparation. Begin by exfoliating. Exfoliate your skin a day or two prior to the epilating session. Exfoliation is absolutely key for effective epilating. It loosens up the skin and gets rid of dead skin cells to reveal a clearer, new layer of skin. Exfoliation also makes sure that ingrown hairs are further more revealed to the tweezers of your epilator head; perfect way to get rid of and prevent ingrown hairs!

2. Choose which epilator to use: dry or wet. Dry epilating is great for getting the pesky little hairs that are so often missed and overlooked by epilating heads. But, I would recommend dry depilating to expert or users who can tolerate pain very well. As for people with a small pain threshold, I recommend wet epilating. The water helps soothe the skin while the tweezers yank out the hairs; reducing the pain.

3. Begin from bottom up. Always start epilating from the bottom. The tweezers on the device’s head grab hairs with much more accuracy and efficiency when your drag the epilator against the growth of the hair.

4. This step is optional, but it will help a lot of users who are new to epilators the truth is, epilating will hurt; sometimes more than you can tolerate. Yes, you will get used to it very quickly but until then, you can tackle the pain by downing a pain relief medicine, preferably oral, 10 to 20 minutes before beginning.

5. Moisturize your skin after you are done. Use a cool and soothing ointment or concoction, like aloe gels or peppermint creams, to calm your skin.

Buying guide

1. Tweezers

The more tweezers your epilator head has, the more hairs it will grab. Also look for ones that are specifically to epilate the smaller hairs, 0.5 mm-0.2 mm long.

2. Skin specific

Hair removals have always been a challenge for people with skin conditions. If you are one of those people who suffer from sensitive and acne prone skin, then I recommend you look for an epilator with coated, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic tweezers, preferably gold coated. The Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator is the Best epilator for face if suffers from these conditions; we will come to that later in our reviews.

3. Speed setting

Being able to choose between various speeds at which the tweezers pluck your hair is exceptionally important, especially if you are new to epilating. Also changing speeds varying to sensitive areas like face, underarms, bikini line, etc also give you a more pain-free and seamless hair removal.

4. Wide head

The wider the head of your epilator is, the more area it will cover. While this feature has no other value, it does help with speeding up the process. And you will really appreciate being able to epilate large areas like the back, legs, etc without having to invest half a day on it.

5. Wet or Dry, or Both!

Epilators can be used ether dry or on wet skin. Dry epilators are great for getting tiny hairs; is high on accuracy and precision. And wet epilators are best for reducing pain, preventing ingrown hairs; wet epilators are also waterproof or water-resistant. However, if you are willing to enjoy the best of both worlds, I recommend you should go for a epilator that can be used both wet and dry. Yes, it will cost you an extra buck, but you will really enjoy the freedom and facilities you get from a device that work in both conditions.

6. Attachment heads

If you want to enjoy the versatility these devices can offer, then choose one that comes with styling attachments. These attachments can trim, shave, massage, clean, exfoliate and do so much more.

7. Lighting

Picking out those lucky hairs that go unnoticed from the mouth of the tweezers can be tough since they are always very tiny, thin and flush with the skin. And sometimes they are camouflage into the tone your skin so perfectly that you never even realize you have hairs there. Getting an epilator that has a built-in lighting can really help pick out those pesky hairs.

Best epilator for face


#1. Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

Let’s start our quest with the Soft Caress Epilator from Emjoi. This is the type epilator you need to look at if you suffer from very sensitive skin and easy irritations. Here’s why!

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

To begin with, the Soft Caress Epilator is tiny, compact and lightweight. You can throw it in your bag and carry it around with you anywhere. One of the neatest features on this epilator is that it can be used both through direct power source and on recharged batteries; in other words, it can be used both corded and cordless! It has 2 speed controls and comes with massaging finger attachments, a cleaning brush, cleaning brush, power adapter, instruction booklet and a loofa all tucked inside a convenient travel pouch.But, what makes the Soft Caress Epilator so unique is its approach to hygiene and skin-sufferable users.

The Soft Caress Epilator uses 36 patented tweezers discs which are galvanized with 24 karat gold for antimicrobial and allergy defense. It pulls out root from the roots and keeps pain to a minimum through its patented Pain reduction technology, to give you smooth, hair-free skin for up to 6 weeks!


  • The Soft Caress Epilator can be used both corded and cordless
  • Utilizes 36 tweezers that have been gold-plated for clean, hygienic epilating; great for allergy-sensitive and acne prone users
  • Offers 2 speed settings


  • Makes loud noise while switched on
  • Fails to get the small and thin hairs, as per user complaints

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2. Tweeze eRase e6 from Emjoi

When a brand comes up again and again in a hot list, you know it has nothing but good things to offer to you. Our second pick for the Best epilators for face is from Emjoi, yet again, but this time with the Tweeze eRase e6.

Tweeze eRase e6 from Emjoi

The eRase e6 from Emjoi is the perfect companion for you if you have a small pain threshold. This is because it uses a patented 3 disc system where each disc set contain one fixed set disc and 2 others that open and shut to gently stretch the skin is minimize the pain when its tweezers pull out the hairs. Speaking of which, the eRase e6 uses 6 tweezers and its Skin Glide technology which glide the head back and forth in circular motions technology for precise hair removal.

These clever and smart technologies to ensure users’ comfort and ease are exactly what make the eRase e6 one of the Best epilators for face.It runs on batteries and does miss out on speed settings, but one neat feature on this epilator is a safety feature on it is that it automatically stops the device if it is pushed too hard against your skin. Very thoughtful.


  • The Tweeze eRase e6 uses its patented 3 disc technology to minimize pain; perfect for facial epilation
  • Its safety feature automatically stops the device if its pushed too hard against your skin
  • Cordless; runs on batteries


  • Does not offer any speed settings
  • Tends to invite bumps and ingrown hairs

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3. Aooher 5 in 1 Facial Hair Removal Epilator

Our next epilator does not come alone; it comes with the entire salon! And it is the 5 in 1 Facial Hair Removal Epilator by Aooher.

Aooher 5 in 1 Facial Hair Removal Epilator

The moment you look into what this device has to offer you, you will know why this is worthy of being called the Best epilator for face. It is a cordless electric shaver that comes with a body on which you can fit 5 attachment heads. You have a tweezers head with 9 tweezers that plucks out your unwanted hairs with high accuracy; not even the smallest strands of 0.5 mm are spared. You get a shaving head; a massager head distress your face and body; a facial brush which cleanses and scrubs off the entire gunk from your face and finally, a pumice stone head to exfoliate off the calluses on feet.

The Aooher 5 in 1 wins the rightful title for the Best epilator for face due to its generous functions and versatility; bringing the spa at your home.


  • The Aooher 5 in 1 Facial Hair Removal Epilator offers several treatments alongside epilations thanks to its various attachment heads
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Can work for up to 60 minutes after an 8 to 10 hour charge
  • All heads are waterproof


  • Offers no speed settings

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4. Braun Face 851 Mini Facial Electric Hair Removal Epilator

If we are taking about multi-functional package deals, then Braun does fall too far behind in this department either. And the Face 851 Mini Facial Electric Hair Removal Epilator is here to show you why.

Braun Face 851 Mini Facial Electric Hair Removal Epilator

The Face 851 comes with a mini epilator alright, but brings 4 different facial brushes along with it. The mini epilator is sleek and tint, making it perfect for epilating small and thin hairs. It is also great for precision trimming og brows, side burns, upper lips, etc.

The brush set includes a normal brush for daily cleansing, a soft brush specifically designed for sensitive skin, an exfoliation brush to wipe away the layer of dead skin cells on top and a beauty sponge attachment for smooth and seamless product application. A complete skin care solution.


  • The mini epilator is perfect for precise and pinpoint hair removal
  • The Face 851 is a complete skin care bundle with 4 extra brush attachments
  • Cordless; runs on batteries
  • Come in a pouch; great for travel


  • Does not offer any speed settings
  • Short battery lifeThe brushes vibrate; does not rotate

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5. Krasr Facial Epilator

The Best epilator for face does not always have to be super expensive and large. To prove this, for our final review on the list, we have the Krasr Facial Epilator.

Krasr Facial Epilator

The Krasr Facial Epilator is probably the smallest epilator in the world; it is on our list, at least! It is just simply a thin rod, a few inches long, that is coiled tightly to grip and pull out hairs. And because it is so small and tiny, it does an excellent job epilating all the peach fuzz on your face. It also comes with a one-sided blade that helps shave hairs off of corners; great for shaping brows, shaving upper lip, and chin.

What make the Krasr Facial Epilator one of the Best epilators for face is that it has none of the drama of tweezers, razors, lights and lasers, creams, etc about it. You just bend the rod and rub the fuzz away!


  • The Krasr Facial Epilator is so compact that you can very literally carry it in your pocket
  • Requires no battery or electricity; manual epilating
  • Comes with a blade for precision shaving
  • Gives you more control


  • Won’t be able to cover much area at a time; time-consuming
  • Body is made out of poor quality, flimsy plastic that could snap off easily

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1. Do tweezing epilators really cause more ingrown hairs?

Answer: There are so many variable that cause ingrown hairs, and yes, tweezing epilators are one of them. But it only happens when you push the epilator head too close or too forcefully onto your skin. Ingrown hairs can also be causes by your own hygiene and skin care. Exfoliate a day prior to epilating as the dead skins are one of the main reasons why they form.

2. Is epilating the right choice for sensitive skin?

Answer: Epilating is, in fact, one of the best choices for sensitive skin. This is because blades, waxes, creams, lasers, etc can all irritate and agitate a sensitive skin. But tweezing epilating, especially in a warm bath, does not stress the skin as much as the skin pores open up and dead skin loosens in the humid and warm atmosphere. This makes the process and pain a lot more bearable.

Epilators are an essential and finding the perfect one for you is just as crucial. However, the Best epilator for face will always vary from skin to skin, person to person. It is always a smart idea to read and understand the features a product has to offer instead on blindly trusting the crowd, which is why, our comprehensive reviews of many different types of epilators should help you understand your needs. Always consider the down side and disadvantages of an epilator too before making a purchase. For further information, you can always click on the corresponding links above each review.

And, with this it’s wrap! I hope you find the Best epilator for face through our article which have been put together just for you. Until next time, good luck!

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