Best Cream For Dark Spots And Uneven Skin Tone

There was a very good reason for us to write about the best cream for dark spots and uneven skin tone. That being, uneven skin tone and complexion is a common problem for many women. Be it the rough acne scars from your teenage years or maybe working late nights. No matter what the reason might be. As the situation stands, you are suffering from uneven skin tone and complexion and we are here to help you with that.

According to the case, you will be needing a spot remover. And quite a good one to be precise. The thing about spot correcting creams is that there are quite a few of them. Be it from pricey luxury brands to normal over the counter creams. They can be found almost anywhere. However, the thing that matters the most is the formulation.

If you are looking for the best cream for dark spots and uneven skin tone then do make sure that the cream you get contains hydroquinone. It will act as a lightening agent on your skin.

So that you get a more glowing, bright and dark spot free face. In addition, also make sure that the formulation contains licorice root extract, vitamin C, kojic acid as well.


What Is Uneven Skin Tone/ Skin Pigmentation?

Best Cream For Dark Spots And Uneven Skin ToneWomen suffering from skin pigmentation are often not even aware of it. And those who are might not be that concerned about it. However, you should be if you are one of them. We will hopefully talk about the best cream for dark spots and uneven skin tone later on in the article.

However, before that, we would like to talk a bit more about skin pigmentation and what it really is.

To put it in simple words, skin pigmentation is caused when the level of melanin increases in your skin. Even though skin pigmentation is more common on darker skins, as the level of melanin there is high. Light skins can also be victims.

As we mentioned before, one of the main causes of this pigmentation can be acne scars. Overexposure to the sun and pollution can also be major causes as well. Especially the sun. So always make sure you are wearing a good sunscreen and have a pair of sunglasses with you when you go out.


Which One To Get?

As there are so many different creams out there, choosing the best cream for dark spots and uneven skin tone was truly a pretty hard job. Which is why talking about one single product couldn’t have been appropriate.

That is why we decided to talk about quite a few products that will surely help you to help get rid of your dark spots and give you a more even skin tone. Do check them out.

Best cream for dark spots and uneven skin tone comparison


Review for the listed best cream for dark spots and uneven skin tone

1. Dermalogica Powerbright TRX Pure Light:

best cream for dark spots and uneven skin tone

Dermalogica is a very basic brand and their products are also very straightforward. Which you can clearly see from the packaging of the products. We mentioned before that the sun’s harmful UV rays contribute quite a lot in harming your skin.

The good news is that this moisturizer comes with SPF 50 protection. So you can put this on and not have to worry about the sun at all.

It contains Avobenzone and octinoxate. These act as sunscreens and will save your skin from the sun. Glycerin and hyaluronic acid will moisturize your skin and  Oligopeptide will help brighten it.

OVerall, this is an excellent moisturizer.

It feels very thin and light. As it is a completely white cream there aren’t any artificial fragrances and smells very normal.




2. Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Daily Serum:

best cream for dark spots and uneven skin tone

When your skin starts showing uneven skin tone, it also starts aging at one point of time. You wouldn;t want to look older than what you actually are. Will you?

The Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Daily Serum will help you get a younger looking skin with less dark spots and a skin that looks radiant. In addition, it will also clear your wrinkles and fine lines as well.

It might be a bit pricey, but you have to realize it isn’t just like every other moisturizer on the market. It is a bit different. It has an advanced idebenone technology. What this does is creates a reserve within the skin to release protective and corrective benefits when and where skin needs it most.




3. SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector:

best cream for dark spots and uneven skin tone

The SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector is basically a dark spot lightener. What this means is that it will not only remove your dark spots but also lighten your skin afterward as well. In addition, it also reduces blotchiness.

Blemishes caused by overexposure to the sun can be quite unattractive.

However, if you use the SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector then this won’t be an issue. Because it works by exfoliating the skin and blocking the build-up of excess melanin.

We really really like this product a lot. It works just like a skin treatment. In some cases even better. But the main highlight of this product is that it keeps those spots from coming back by slowing down pigmentation. And this isn’t something you would get in your everyday cream.




4. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Anti-Aging:

best cream for dark spots and uneven skin tone

We mentioned before that to remove dark spots and uneven skin tone, it is very important that the cream you use has vitamin C. And the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Anti-Aging cream has exactly that.

Altogether the formulation is excellent and will surely help you to get a radiant and a skin with an even complexion.

Once you open the bottle you will notice straight away that it has a very fruity and citrusy smell to it. Which feels really fresh. After using it for a few weeks you will surely see the changes for yourself. Your under eyes will feel firm and hydrated and also your overall skin will feel pretty good as well.

If you are feeling hesitated to whether or not spend a bit of money on this premium skincare product or not then don’t be. Because we can assure you that it will surely be worth the money you pay for it.




5. iS CLINICAL Pro-Heal Serum:

best cream for dark spots and uneven skin tone

This isn’t actually a cream. But still, if you want a clear and radiant skin then it might be your safest bet. As it is a serum it uses loads of healthy ingredients such as retinol, vitamin E and other antioxidants to remove dark spots.

It can also be very helpful to you if you are suffering from rosacea, cystic acne, insect bites or some other forms of dermatitis. It will help cure that as well.

This truly offers a very soothing feeling. You should definitely check this out.



Final Verdict:

All the products that we mentioned are truly excellent and undoubtedly the best ones in the market. Which is why if you ask us which one is the best cream for dark spots and uneven skin tone then we won’t be able to give you a very accurate answer.

Find out which one suits you the best and then just go for it. You won’t regret it.

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