A Review Of The Best Hair Removal Methods

Finding a facial hair removal method can be time consuming, often painful and expensive. You need to understand the different options available for hair removal, then you can decide on the treatment best suited to your needs. Facial best hair removal methods range not only in price but also in results. Options can include inexpensive treatments with shavers or over the counter chemical products that provide temporary results.

For a more permanent option you can try electrolysis or laser hair removal, but of course these methods do come with a high price tag and results are not always as permanent as you might think.

Let me break each method down one by one including the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Temporary Facial Hair Removal Options:

Depilation- is the term for temporary removal of facial hair at the skin level. This form of removal can last for several hour to several days but is not permanent.

Best Hair Removal MethodsShaving This is the most common method of hair removal. It’s inexpensive, painless (usually), safe and can be done at home. The major disadvantage it the short term effects as it only lasts a few hours to a few days.

Depilatories This common inexpensive method of hair removal using chemical gels, creams, lotions, roll-ons and aerosols for dissolving hair from the skins surface. Disadvantages include short term effects as well as skin irritation and chemical burns.

Epilation – removing the hair from the root. This form of facial hair removal can last several days to several weeks. Check out best epilator for face if you want the best epilator to get rid of your facial hair. Be sure to choose the best epilator when choosing epilation as and option of hair removal. As getting the wrong epilator can be harmful to your skin and may damage it.

Plucking use of tweezers or fingers to pluck or pull the hair out a popular method for removing hair below the skins surface. This method does last longer that shaving or using depilatories. Disadvantages include – impractically for large areas and a slow process.

Best Hair Removal Methods

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Waxing Hair Removal hot or cold wax is applied then removed with a strip – a fast and inexpensive method for hair removal where hot wax is applied to the skin, a cloth is pressed against the wax and removed quickly pulling the hair with it. Disadvantages can include sensitivity and allergic reaction. Caution should also be used by those with diabetes, circulatory problems and those susceptible to infection as this method can leave skin sores open to infection.

Threading Hair Removal A popular method for facial hair removal in which cotton thread is used to pull hair out by its roots. This does have to be done by a professional. This method can. Disadvantages can include a bacterial infection in the hair follicle called folliculitis, changes in skin pigment and skin redness and puffing.

Rotary Epilators Also known as rotary coils this method uses an electrical device that grasps the hair and pulls it out by the root. Disadvantages include pinching, difficulty in proper use and ingrown hairs.

Permanent Facial Hair Removal Options:

Electrolysis Hair Removal a permanent facial hair removal method in which an electrical current is used to kill the hair root and prevent regrowth. Each hair follicle must be destroyed individually making this method expensive and time consuming. Disadvantages can include the cost for treatment as many treatments with a professional are required. Can also cause pain, facial hair irritation and scarring if not done properly by a professional.

Laser Hair Remover a popular permanent hair removal method with not so permanent results. Let’s call this method longer lasting instead of permanent. The Laser method a topical black-colored solution is applied to the area then a laser is scanned across it. The solution penetrates the hair follicle and the material in it absorbs the laser wavelength, which heats ans destroys the hair follicles. Laser Hair Removal does come with a hefty price tag and must be preformed by a licensed professional. Disadvantages can include skin irritation, expense, and length of time to achieve results.

Best Hair Removal Methods

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Facial Hair removal can range from quick and easy to expensive and painful. The method you choose should best fit your individual needs. You can get rid of that facial hair, the hard part is going to be deciding on what method works for you!

So if you are looking at a permanent solution make sure to consult with your doctor. Also if you try one method and it is not benefiting for your skin then stay away from it until you consult a doctor. And one more thing is that you should not be forced by someone else to get rid of body hair.

Sometimes it feels great to just let it grow so your can take a break. And as always stay healthy.

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